...more or less thats how everything started for Dimitrios Violitzis a.k.a. KRAMA, the oldest psy-progressive project in Greece, but that was only the beginning...

Years of dedication have resulted in 5 albums, 1 mini album and many EPs and countless tracks in compilations and re-prints released by one of the top labels in scene, Spin Twist Record, numerous shows at top festivals all over the world and support upon in his tracks from legends like: Armin Van BuurenPaul Oakenfold and Christopher Lawerence to name a few.

During "Krama: A Decade on Stages" world tour, he was playing tracks from the biggest part of his career.             The tour ended in December of 2015  at the legendary festival, Universo Parallelo in Brazil.

Krama's latest album, "MADE IN DANCEFLOORS" is out now from Spin Twist Record's and included the long awaited remix on Neelix - Make Up  , the whole album contains an alloy of his classic and also futuristic powerful techniques, which his fans are familiar with ...

...Power Progressive Trance  as he likes to describe it.


  • Krama is a Greek word and can be translated in english as alloy. Alloy is a mixture of metals or a mixture of a metal and another element. The parallelism is for the fusion of different music flavors in order to give a unique result.
  • Dimitris is happily married to Stefanie and proud father of a daughter, her name is Aria, which refers to a self-contained piece of music for one voice.
  • Vocals in his tracks are also made by him. Some examples are "Spin Spirit", "Gothbeat", "I did not die", "Your "Sky is mine" where you can listen Dimitris voice.
  • Power Progressive Trance  is the term Dimitris uses to describe as accurate as possible his own style, although he doesn't really care for genres as long there is "blood" in the music.
  • The Most asked question is what DAW he's using to make music. It's Magix Sequoia - Mystery solved.
  • Every single Krama track has a hidden or more obvious layer of Choirs, Gregorian style most of the times!
  • 2004 was the year when the first official release of the Krama appeared with their names printed on it, nobody knew about who was hiding behind the project until that day, not even their closest friends. Dimitris and Elias were supplying their new tracks on their friends claiming Krama was just a randomly found project, an easy  task to be done in 2002, with no social media! This was mainly a social test to be able to get an unbiased feedback on their music.!
  • The First official gig of the project took place in Ydrogios club in their hometown Thessaloniki - Greece. It was a New Year Eve's with a club packed full of 1000 ravers. The feedback they got for their performance was beyond every imagination!
  • The Project is a proud member of Spin Twist records, an independent record label located in Germany and has a significant role in today's psy-progressive sound.
  • He went all alone at his very first festival "Sola Luna 2001" at the age of 16, in the magical island of Samothraki. What he experienced there was the main reason to form the project two months later.
  • Reading & Cooking is what he likes to do when not producing music. Some of his favorite authors are the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, the Italian theatrical writer Dario Fo, the Greek pre-socratic philosophers and the English novelist George Orwell to name a few. He also likes to read operation manuals of every kind but mostly in human behavior and music technology.