Embarking on a musical journey over two decades ago, Krama's first track emerged in the year 2001, marking the beginning of an era.

Dimitris Violitzis was struck by a revelation amidst the vibrant energy of a music festival, igniting a dream fueled solely by a passion for creating potent, soul-stirring melodic music.

This undying passion has propelled Krama to the grandest of stages over the years.

Krama's signature sound, Power Progressive Trance, is an electrifying fusion that commands attention. It's a symphony of dynamic crescendos and melodic interludes, each note crafted to resonate with the listener's innermost being, leaving a melody that lingers long after the party is over.

The name Krama, derived from Greek, translates to 'Alloy', symbolizing a blend of grandeur and sheer force that's bound to leave a lasting impact.

In the past decade, Krama has been a force on the dance floors, shaking nearly every significant psy-festival and indoor event worldwide.

From Brazil's XXXperience and Universo Parallelo to Australia's Earthcore, and Europe's premier events like Ozora, Fusion, Burning Mountain, and AirBeatOne, these are just a few venues that have echoed with Krama's tunes.

Esteemed icons of electronic dance music scene, have played his tracks, alongside the dedicated fans who've always been at the forefront of Krama's performances.